What is IPUMS?#

IPUMS provides census and survey data from around the world integrated across time and space. IPUMS integration and documentation makes it easy to study change, conduct comparative research, merge information across data types, and analyze individuals within family and community contexts. Data and services available free of charge. More information on IPUMS data collections can be found at ipums.org.

What is ipumspy?#

ipumspy is a collection of python tools for working with data from IPUMS and for accessing that data via API.

Currently only IPUMS microdata are supported; we hope to add support for working with spatial data in the future.

IPUMS USA, IPUMS CPS, and IPUMS International are currently the only IPUMS microdata collection available via the IPUMS API. Support for other IPUMS data collections will be added as they become available via API. For more information about the IPUMS API program, IPUMS account registration, and API keys, see the IPUMS developer portal.

ipumspy can also be used to analyze microdata extracts made through the IPUMS website for collections unavailable via API.


This library’s Change Log details changes and fixes made with each release.

How to Cite#

If you use ipumspy in the context of academic or industry research, please cite IPUMS. For any given extract, the appropriate citation may be found in the accompanying DDI at:


License and Credits#

ipumspy is licensed under the Mozilla Public License Version 2.0.

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