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Issues (Reporting a problem or suggestion)#

If you’ve experience a problem with the package, or have a suggestion for it, please post it on the issues tab. This space is meant for questions directly related to the python package, so questions related to your specific extract may be better answered via email to (but don’t worry about making a mistake, we know it is tough to tell the difference).

Since our extracts are such large files, posting minimal reproducible examples may be difficult. Therefore, it will be most helpful if you can provide as much detail about your problem as possible including the code and error message, the project the extract is from, the variables you have selected, file type, etc. We’ll do our best to answer your question.

Pull Requests (Making changes to the package)#

We appreciate pull requests that follow these guidelines:

  1. Make sure that tests pass (and add new ones if possible).

  2. Try to conform to the code style of the package.

  3. Please add your name and affiliation to the NOTICE.txt file.

  4. Summarize your changes in the change log. This package adheres to semantic versioning