IpumsiExtract.__init__(samples, variables, description='My IPUMS International extract', data_format='fixed_width', data_structure={'rectangular': {'on': 'P'}}, **kwargs)[source]#

Defining an IPUMS International extract.

  • samples (Union[List[str], List[Sample]]) – list of IPUMS International sample IDs

  • variables (Union[List[str], List[Variable]]) – list of IPUMS International variable names

  • description (str) – short description of your extract

  • data_format (str) – fixed_width and csv supported

  • data_structure (Dict) – nested dict with “rectangular” or “hierarchical” as first-level key. “rectangular” extracts require further specification of “on” : <record type>. Default {“rectangular”: “on”: “P”} requests an extract rectangularized on the “P” record.